The Private History of the Court of England

One particular focus of the South Coast Group will be in the area of historical and political fiction.

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William Blake and the Bard of Eartham: A Chichester Friendship – Dr Diana Barsham of the University of Chichester presents an illustrated talk on William Hayley.

Chawton House Library hosts a series of thought-provoking and inspiring lectures organised by our Research Fellow, Dr Gillian Dow.


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Welcome to Scerrg

The South Coast Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Research Group (SCERRG) was founded in 2009 to promote academic research into all aspects of the long eighteenth century. The group aims to facilitate interdisciplinary debate and discussion between researchers and students in the region’s academic institutions. It holds and advertises a range of events, including academic seminars, conferences, postgraduate fora, and public events.

In addition, the group will develop a number of publication projects and research initiatives, drawing on the expertise of scholars of the long eighteenth century in this region and nationally. It will also encourage dialogue amongst the South Coast postgraduate community.

The group was launched by the University of Chichester, in partnership with Chawton House and the universities of Kent, Portsmouth, Southampton, and Winchester. It will also prove of interest to scholars, students and members of the general public who wish to advertise or attend events relating to the academic study of the long eighteenth century.